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best social media scheduling tools for 2022

Ultimate list of best social media scheduling tools for marketers

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16 best social media scheduling tools for 2022

As we have seen in this digital world businesses are growing at a high extent and almost thousands of new businesses start everyday. All of them are looking for a place where they could get an immense amount of targeted audience whom they can serve and target to convert them into paying clients, and social media is winning all of these battles because of its immense amount of audience at present time.

Whatever business you own there are very rare chances that you won't get your targeted audience at a huge level on social media. From child to old, student to employee, almost every person on this planet is affected by social media at present time. That is the reason almost every business wants to target a large amount of audience over social media effectively and it has been going on effectively by them for a long time.

And targeting the audience effectively on social media is a must at present time for almost every business type to succeed and get the most profit in terms of brand awareness, sales, marketing and business growth.

Why To use social media scheduling & management tools

As we have discussed the importance of Social media for a business and awareness at present time and along with this it is also very important to produce the best content and manage all of the platforms we are targeting at a time to provide finesse in the work and save our precious time to generate better graphics & content, cover more platforms at a time, better stats and analytics interpretation,

These platforms are the best in their niche and have been serving people their awesome services for a very long time. All of them are offering amazing tools and easy to use services.

Awesome social is a highly featured social media scheduling tool in the market that is offering much better services and user tools to manage multiple platforms at a time and better and accurate analytics, posts designing and much more for you to get the best control over your social presence and get better results as you want from the best social media scheduling tool in 2022.

Factors To look at while choosing the best social media scheduling tools for 2022

  • Easy to use single screen Dashboard: As we know the purpose of using social media scheduling tools is to make our job easier and save time while getting the best engagement and achieving expected goals. So for that purpose it is very important to choose a platform that is very friendly and easy to use and saves time.

  • Platforms offered: It is very important for you to choose a social media scheduling tool that offers a wide variety of platforms because it will enhance your reach and engagement and save time and efforts both for you.

  • Automation: The most important aspect to look for while choosing a social media scheduling tool is it’s automation capability. The much better automation it offers, the much better control you have over your content and its quality which can provide you better outcomes in terms of sales, engagement, and brand awareness.

  • Performance tracking and analytics: It is very useful for people to make decisions on the basis of analytics and stats because they are more efficient and provide better outcomes in all aspects. This is also the same in social media where better stats can help you make better decisions on the basis of other posts and campaigns outcomes.

Know more about- what to look for in a social media post scheduler?

1) Awesome Social

Awesome Social is an all in one social media management and scheduling tool. The awesome social is a high functioning social media management tool that offers all needed features which you need to get full control over your social media and get immense growth in very little effort.

You get all the important features and technologies like managing multiple platforms, workflows, management, stats, scheduling, approval & rejection, team management, engagement and many more to get full control over your social media and make it to the top. Awesome social will definitely empower your social presence to the next level.

Awesome Social


  • Bulk scheduling and publishing: You can easily schedule your posts on different channels as you want to reduce the work and also get the best out of it at a time.

  • Campaigns management: You can easily manage your social media campaigns through the amazing and most user friendly dashboard.

  • Analytics and stats: You can cleanly look at the performance of your posts on the platforms and even more than that like users engaging data and better analytics to understand the audience at a time. Also you can look at how your campaigns are performing through the platform as well.

  • Team management: Through this amazing social media management tool you can easily get your team on board and distribute work and tasks. Which is made so easy through these platforms, your entire team is gathered on a single dashboard and performance is made better.

  • Approval posting: This feature takes everything in your control and provides you the power as a decision maker to approve, reject or edit a post that makes everything much easier and better.

2) Social Pilot

Social Pilot is a cost effective and among all in one social media scheduling tools for 2022. This platform is used mostly by influencers and businesses to manage a lot of things at a time and get better outcomes from its technology as a social media scheduling tool .It has management features like.

Social Pilot


  • Bulk scheduling and publishing: One of the most in demand is its ability to create a large number of posts that users may upload in the form of CSV files and reduce a lot of work and provide better control.

  • Highly user friendly dashboard: The user interface is very user friendly and beginners can also understand that better.

  • Enhanced collaboration: You can get your whole team on a platform and distribute work while contributing in content creation.

  • Chrome extensions: You can also have the pleasure of services by applying this over your chrome extension and getting the best outcomes and analytics Analytics and stats: it has a very amazing

3) Loomly

Loomly provides you features by which You can put your post, creatives, tweets or put it on drafts or Schedule it whenever you want. It saves your time and you can choose your workflows and select channels to publish it, in some clicks which is very efficient and provides high quality content in less time. The analytics are accurate to a high extent and you can work with your team members and manage all the work at the same time with full coordination. Assigning, managing, authorizing is made very easy through its team managing dashboard.



  • Content Ideas: Loomly provides you one of the best content ideas that are trending and people are interested in which is very effective in terms of getting better engagement and awareness.

  • Analytics and stats: It provides you better insights that are very accurate and helpful in terms of content strategies and planning the better strategies to improve the social performance through one of the best social media scheduling tools for 2022.

  • Bulk scheduling and publishing: One of the most in demand is its ability to create a large number of posts that users may upload. You can put content in the draft and then schedule them for publishing and many other content controls that are amazing.

4) Agorapulse

This tool is an all-in-one social media management tool built to serve groups. Over 17,000 social media managers use this tool to control their social media applications. It enables users to schedule their content, receive reports,engage with followers, check performance metrics and a lot more as one of the best social media scheduling tools for 2022.



  • Content scheduling made flexible: Using this platform you get full control over your content publishing easily. One can scheduling, publish, reschedule, premiere and que your content easily with this amazing tool.

  • Single click reports: This magical tool provides you with all the analytics of your posts and social media over a single click and you can download it in the form of ppt or CSV to track your performance better.

  • Manage workflows and team management: You can easily add members and manage workflows at a time. Assign work and content which is very easy and highly efficient.

  • Built-in CRM Tracker: This feature keeps track of your followers by grouping them into categories and adding a note to each user to view their conversation history

5) Buffer

This software has been around in the social media management industry for a long time and serves features through which you can share your content on various social media platforms and also get to know their analytical report and make effective content strategies. It offers bulk features such as scheduling on multiple platforms, analytics, audience engagement and team collaboration.



  • Analytics and insights: Clients may use Buffer to monitor and execute marketing campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. However, depending on your membership plan, you may also manage your Pinterest activity using this social app.

  • Manage workflows and team management: You can easily add members and manage workflows at a time. Assign work and content which is very easy and highly efficient

  • Social engagement: It facilitates social interaction with your clients or potential customers through Reply. Reply is a messaging tool that’s embedded within the buffer social management app that allows users to view their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram comments.

  • iOS and Android support: There are apps available for iPhones and Android devices.

6) Sproutsocial

SproutSocial is more than just a social media scheduling tool. It has functions and capability of being known as a social media management tool at present time which can go all over your social media life journey and provide good outcomes in terms of content creation, posting, scheduling, team management, analytics, engagement, campaigns and many other features to provide you the real power.



  • Scheduling: This tool provides you the bulk scheduling features of your posts through sheets or CSV. Also, you may find the Sprout Queue feature quite useful since it has auto-scheduling capabilities.that makes it one of the best social media scheduling tools for 2022

  • Team management and collaborations: It allows team members to create tasks and assign them as well as make consultations on the desired impact of posts meant for later dates. Also, team managers may make approvals on outgoing posts in real-time since they can keep track of the team’s activity.

  • Content creation: Through sprout social content library you can easily create or edit posts, graphics or videos along with the trend. This feature is very unique and helpful to users.

  • Analytics: Highly advanced analytic tool in sprout social allows you to identify the latest trends on instagram, FB, Twitter and other social media platforms. It also helps you to keep track of social media management aspects such as keywords, hashtags and mentions on all your sites.


Hootsuite will help you to streamline all your social media scheduling work. It will make it easier to create, curate, schedule, manage, and report on your social media benchmarks for your social channels.Other social media reporting apps that operate like Hootsuite include Sprout Social and Buffer, even though none beats the holistic social media experience provided by Hootsuite which makes it one of the best social media scheduling tools for 2022.



Create and schedule posts Manage social media for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest

  • Scheduling: The Hootsuite scheduler operates on a full scale such that you could use the AutoSchedule feature to queue, then ultimately share your posts at times when your accounts are experiencing the most traffic automatically

  • Monitoring: After scheduling the posts, you could use the Hootsuite Content Calendar to view outgoing posts and rearrange the order

  • Analytics: Hootsuite is a useful analytical tool that allows you to measure your social media results through 200 metrics to gauge your performance. You can also easily download the reports in the form of PDF or CSV.

  • Apps and integrations: It supports more than 35 social networking platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. Additionally, you may also link it with Dropbox, Google Drive

others - Plan upcoming campaigns, Manage social inbox, Analyze your results, Manage ads


It is an all in one Social media scheduling/ managing tools which help users to create and manage content, schedule, engage with people, manage ads and a lot to provide you better outcomes through social media while making your work easier than ever. It has a lot of features like.



Manage social media for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube

Track keywords and hashtags to improve performance and go with the trend to provide better engagement.

  • Manage social media inbox : You can easily manage your different platform inboxes at the same time that saves your time and efforts while providing you the best results.

  • Team collaboration: Your whole team can be managed at this platform. That is one of the best ways in assigning work, measuring it and taking the work cleanly and efficiently.

  • Mobile app: Mobile app provides you the feature of controlling most of the effortful work from your mobile and making it much easier and efficient for you.

9) Zoho Social

Zoho Social has features typical of today's social media scheduling tools with an emphasis on teamwork and collaboration and many more, that can easily streamline your work and provide you better results in less effort.

It has social media management specialities that allows you to monitor your target keywords across conversations, social engagement, plan content, campaign performance, content research and collaborate with your team from a dashboard.

Zoho Social


  • Shortened links: You can reduce the length of all your links while posting on your platforms

  • Keyword tracking: It enables easy monitoring of your keyword using the software

  • Multi-channel marketing: You can market your brand on different platforms simultaneously

  • Collaboration and sharing: Users can share similar content on various social media platforms

  • Bulk scheduling: You can schedule when to post multiple contents to save on time

  • Analytics and insights: It provides very accurate insights that are very helpful for taking decisions and making marketing plans for better engagement.

10) Later

Later is a free social media scheduling tool. You can use it to plan, schedule, and publish content across social media platforms, streamline your workflow, and build a social media marketing strategy that works. It has a visual planner that helps you create the look you're going for on Instagram and other platforms. This platform is highly known for its instagram scheduling features that counts it among the best instagram scheduling tools for 2022.



  • Visual content calendar: This tool enables you to drag and drop images on the calendar during scheduling, which saves you hours that you could have spent doing the task manually.

  • Bulk Scheduling : Schedule, reschedule, inline your post in a large amount through this platform and get full control over your social media presence.

  • Free link tools: Its link tools help you to connect your social media page to other blog posts, feeds, or web pages.

  • Platforms: Although its main focus is on Instagram, individuals can also connect it to other platforms, including Pinterest, Twitter profile, and Facebook and linkedin.

11) Friends + me :

Friend + me is a free social media scheduling tool that offers very good customization of your social profile as a free tool. It has features to serve your business and provide an increase in growth and engagement to your social presence and maintain it professionally


  • Mobile Applications: You can work from anywhere from your Android Apps and iOS

  • Draft Support: You can perfect your posts and publish them when ready

  • Shorten links: This will help you track the progress of your posts

  • Team support: You can invite your friends to assist you to edit your content

  • ** Bulk Schedule:** Lets the user schedule multiple posts with just a single click

12) Hubspot:

Hubspot social media scheduling tool is not just a scheduling tool. It is whey more than that at present time. The features given are to manage marketing, sales, and customer service software for your business. You can get your whole staff on board and manage all your workflows on a single dashboard. People can easily approve or disapprove the post and manage all their work at a time.



  • Bulk Scheduling: you can get all your content strategy on your fingertip and schedule them easily in bulk.

  • Marketing software: Helps you create marketing content on your own, convert prospects into your clients, keep your team at a place and working, and organized.

  • Sales software: It helps you to track the leads, sales deals won, lost, and those in progress, and to see which salespersons are your best performers.the tracking is so powerful and provides the best output with measured results.

  • **Service Hub: Helps you to connect with customers, exceed their expectations, and turn them into promoters to grow your business and also engage with them at the same time.

13) Crowdfire

Crowdfire allows you to post your content over vast social media platforms and get better control over your content and social platforms. You can even get automated suggestions on your content strategies by which you could increase your content quality according to the trend and get the best out of it.



  • Content creation and scheduling: Crowdfire offers one of the most famous and easy content creation and scheduling tools for agency and both personal use.

  • Ios & android app: it benefits you by providing the handy operating features from your phone. You can even manage campaigns and many other things through the phone easily which is very handy.

  • Analytics and stats: you can look and measure your performance over social media platforms and also create strategies according to stats. Competitor research: you can do highly in depth competitor research and look at all of their top strategies.

  • Automation: it provides one of the best automation facilities at a very high level to the users.that decrease their work and provide better outcomes as the best social media scheduling tool for 2022.

14) Sendible

Sendible is another social media scheduling tool that offers scheduling features like bulk scheduling, various social platforms more than 20 including Fb, twitter, insta and a lot more. And also other platforms such as Google my business, blogger, wordpress, google analytics and others. Sendible is a social management tool that allows businesses and individuals to create, curate, and share content online for marketing.



  • Highly featured social media scheduling: you can schedule and post the content over multiple social media channels and also blogs, mails and websites. Smart queues can also help you to schedule the posts on an automated time by which you can see an immense growth on your social media engagement.

  • Graphics and content creation: this tool has canva integration in it by which you could create better graphics and posts that can show you amazing results in terms of engagement and growth of your social media. Also, you may use your Flickr or Google accounts to find royalty-free images for use in your marketing posts.

  • analytics and stats: these platforms provide you the amazing data of how your post performed after publishing and also give better analytics of the engaged audience. You can even engage with the multiple platforms audience at the same time. Sendible’s Smart Queue option allows customers to connect RSS feeds to their social media platforms that auto-schedule future content.

15) Contentcal

Content cal is an all in one management and social media scheduling tool that empower your social presence to a better level through its technology. You can easily schedule a large amount of posts on many social platforms at a time you want. Your entire team can work from a single screen and easily view, approve, reject, and remove content using approval workflows.



  • Vast platforms: you can choose over 15+ platforms and post content to it in bulk. Easy to use dashboard from which you can easily choose, schedule, reject and select what you want easily.

  • Pin Boarding and approval workflows: these features help you to brainstorm other ideas to improve the post quality and also take all the final action over your finger tip.

  • Analytics and stats: you can have a quick review of how your posts are performing and easily engage with people and have a look at Advanced analysis of follower insights, competitors, and hashtags to improve your performance and social presence.

16) SocialOomph

SocialOomph works to maintain and grow your social media presence. You can schedule, post, see reviews, engage, watch analytics and many more things which could enhance your social presence.



  • URL shortener: You can easily shorten your link while posting.

  • Platforms : you can easily choose platforms and post your content over it in bulk. You can post blogs via this tool.

  • Scheduling update and status: Plan when to update your posts and statuses

  • Scheduling of tweets: Easily schedule when to tweet to save time

  • Automation: you can easily automate follow back mode, automatic scheduling and many more automation options that can provide you ease and increase engagement.

Right Investment To Market Effectively

To stand out on social media today, your business needs a social media management tool. Simple as that. Specifically, one that goes beyond scheduling posts and analyzing vanity metrics. Now’s the time to invest in a social media tool that allows you to grow your visibility through omnipresent channels.

That way, you’ll save time by posting on more than one platform at once. unveil metrics that show how your online presence impacts your revenue goals.

Awesome Social