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In connection with the operation of our website Awesomesuite may engage few Subprocessors to process your personal data. A subprocessor is a third-party data processor used by Awesomesuite that has or may have access to or process personal data from Awesomesuite (each, a "Subprocessor"). This page provides critical details about each Subprocessor's name, location, and function.


AwesomeSuite collaborates with businesses that, like itself, uphold international norms and laws. In addition to checking for compliance with technical criteria, AwesomeSuite guarantees that security audit reports and data protection measures are checked before the contract is closed. The provisions for breach notification in the event of unauthorised data incidents and the essential security measures for data protection are reviewed and approved as part of the initial agreements.


A data processing addendum (DPA) that details AwesomeSuite’s responsibilities under the GDPR is made available to all EU clients as part of the company's updated Terms of Service & Privacy Notice for compliance. Our DPA is located here. No further paperwork is necessary in this case, as it automatically applies to the processing of personal data from the EU.

AwesomeSuite pledges to update this list frequently so that Controllers can stay informed about the extent of sub-processing entailed by AwesomeSuite services.

Third Party Sub-Processors list

We use the following Sub-processors to operate our website and provide our services:

Sub-processor Name Purpose Data Centers Products
Amazon Web Services, Inc Primary cloud infrastructure provider for AwesomeSuite, where all SaaS applications are hosted. Almost all data stored, processed and transmitted through AwesomeSuite products and services resides on Amazon Web Services data centers. US, EU, India Awesome Social, Awesome Sign, Awesome Dial
Twilio** VoIP Provider that provides phone numbers and powers calling, texting and Fax services. (Privacy Shield Certified United States Awesome Dial
SendGrid, Inc. SendGrid is used as a backup to provide email service in exigencies. It can be temporarily used to send email campaigns as well as notification emails to agents and users. This service won’t be used as a backup for customers who choose so. United States Awesome Social, Awesome Sign, Awesome Dial
Stripe Payment gateway (PCI compliant and Privacy Shield Certified). United States AwesomeSuite Account
Microsoft Clarity Clarity is a free user behavior analytics tool that helps you understand how users are interacting with your website through session replays and heatmaps. United States Awesome Social, Awesome Sign
Hubspot This is our internal cloud-based CRM tool used to keep our customer contact details and communications up to date as part of the provision of our services. United States AwesomeSuite Account
Zoho Desk Internal cloud based customer support tool which is used to keep our customer contact details and communications up to date as part of the provision of our services. United States AwesomeSuite Account, Awesome Social, Awesome Sign

AwesomeSuite Group Subprocessors

The following are the group entities of Awesomesuite Inc. these entities function as sub-processors as well with one or more entities providing support and maintenance.

Sl. No. Name of the entity Country
1. AwesomeSuite Inc US
2. Awesome Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. India